Our Hotel Guidelines

The Pillhofer is a place to relax and feel good, ideal for those who are visiting the Franconian metropolis for professional reasons,

but also for families on a vacation in the historic city.


Let us know if you have any allergies and we will take care not to use any allergens in your food. We make sure that our rooms are easy to clean, there are no carpets and we offer allergy-friendly bed linen.

Room Features

All rooms are equipped with a TV & a DVD player as well as a minibar, a safe, a desk, and an en-suite bathroom with shower. Our large breakfast buffet can be booked for 9.80 EUR in our hotel.

Modern Rooms

All 14 rooms have recently been refurbished and are being maintained and cleaned by our reliable and hard-working staff. We want our guests to feel good in our house, which is why we have designed it to offer rustic coziness and a clean, modern atmosphere at the same time.

Luggage Service

The historic building which has been home to our hotel since 1646 is not equipped with an elevator. We will gladly help you carry your luggage, just like they used to in the old days.


All rooms have an en-suite bathroom! Just like our stylishly designed rooms, our bathrooms are modernly renovated and we keep them in an excellent condition.


Give us a call right away and we will tend to your request in person.
Telephone: +49-911-214560
E-Mail: info@pillhofer.net
We are looking forward to your visit!

Conferences at the Pillhofer

We give our very best to

make your conference a full success!

Room Details

– space for up to 60 persons
– room sizes:
12.00m x 5.50m,
5.95 x 5.43,
as well as 5.48 x 5.48m
– attractive and functional design and furniture
– nice view

Room Features

Our large conference room can be divided with a noise-insulating curtain, which is ideal for seminars or to divide participants into smaller groups at a conference. With a lot of light and an extraordinary layout, your conference participants will have plenty of space for creative ideas and to exchange their thoughts.

Technical Equipment

In order to make sure that your presentations have an ideal effect on your audience, our conference rooms feature lots of equipment that will help the speakers with their talk or presentation, such as a projector and screen, a flip chart, as well as a sound system with microphone.

Seating Set-Ups

– Circle: 35 seats
– Block-style: up to 26 seats
– U-shape: up to 26 seats
– Parliament-style: 24 persons
– Cinema: 60 persons


We will gladly provide board for your guests of your event so that everyone can stay concentrated and energized throughout the day. Breakfast is a great option for guests who come a long way, snacks improve the mood when learning something new and lunch gives you energy for the second half of the day.


Water and beverages in the conference room are already included. We will also gladly make you an offer for a conference package that includes welcome drinks for your guests and drinks during the breaks.

Festival in the Old Town Center 2018

We will open our legendary “Kuhstall” (cattle barn) at the festival!

From 12 September to 24 September.

Our Kuhstall will be open from 12 September to 24 September.
We always have many visitors during the festival.
Visit us on Nuremberg’s largest island, the Insel Schütt, and enjoy delicious Franconian specialties.

We would be glad to receive your booking via:
+49-911-214 56 100 oder e-mail: kuhstall@barcode-union.net

During the festival, you can reach us by calling +49-911-22 72 45.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Gift Vouchers

You are looking for a gift for any occasion!?

A hotel or restaurant voucher is always a great gift.


Make your friends or family members happy by giving them a delicious experience that is sure to meet their taste. Select any sum for your voucher and you can pick it up directly at our hotel to have it handy for your festive occasion.