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Menu of the Day

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Appetitanreger & Suppen

Appetizers & Home-Made Soups

  • A fresh-baked pretzel

    € 1,50
  • Bite-Sized Fried Bratwurst

    on our stone-oven bread with gherkin, crushed Brazil pepper and onions (not available on Sundays)

    € 7,00
  • Two Bavarian White Sausages Fresh From the Kettle

    with original sweet Händlmaier mustard and a fresh pretzel

    € 7,00
  • Franconian Carpaccio with Walnuts

    grated air-dried cheese, freshly ground Indian pepper, coarsely ground salt, marinated in red wine vinegar and punpkin seed oil, served with roasted farmhouse bread

    € 13,00
  • Hearty "Brewer's Drayman" Goulash Soup

    following a Nuremberg recipe from 1880 with majoram, leeks, potatoes and garlic pepper, served with double-baked farmhouse bread

    € 6,90 (normal)
    € 11,90
  • liver dumpling soup

    of ox broth with freshly chopped parsley

    € 5,90
Bratwürste vom Grill

Nürnberger Bratwürste From the Grill

because Nuremberg has the best sausages

with hearty bacon* and wine Sauerkraut, Franconian mustard and double-baked  farmhouse bread from the stone oven

  • 6 sausages

    € 9.50
  • 9 sausages

    € 11.60
  • 12 sausages

    € 14.40
  • each extra

    + € 1.40
  • Boiled cheese-sausages

    on hearty sauerkraut & tossed `Schupfnudeln'

    € 11,80

Traditional Bavarian Snacks

  • Pillhofer's Cold Cut Plate

    with "Gezupftem", liverwurst, meat loaf, cheese, Franconian bacon, sausages, pickled gherkin and tomato, served with stone-oven farmhouse bread an butter

    € 15,00
  • Plate of Franconian bacon

    with Frankentaler cheese, pickles, tomato, stone-oven farmhouse bread and butter

    € 10,50
  • Cold roast pork

    with mustard, horseradish, farmhouse bread and butter

    € 10,50
  • "Gezupfter"

    marinated cambert cheese with onions, pretzel, bread and butter

    € 9,50
Aus dem Ofenrohr

Main dishes

  • Nuremberg Roast Pork (recipe of 1792)

    braised in a mustard and Melegueta pepper marinade, served with a Pillhofer's dumpling and fried butter crumbs

    € 12,20
  • Malabar pork "Vienna-style"

    fried in nut butter, served with homemade Franconian potato salad and cranberries

    € 14,80
  • Grilled Nuremberg roast pork

    with crushed pepper, bacon sauerkraut and a Pillhofer's dumling with fried butter crumbs

    € 14,80
  • Franconian Marinated Pot Roast

    in a strong honey and gingerbread sauce with apple and red win-braised red cabbage and home-made bacon bread (based on a Nuremberg cookbook, Anne Hahn 1897)

    € 15,80
  • Crispy fried "Szechuan-Schäuferle"

    Pork shoulder (ca. 700g gross weight) with majoram and Kellerbier sauce, homemade potato dumpling and melted butter crumbs

    € 15,80
  • Crispy fried "Schäuferle"

    Slices of crispy Schäuferle with red cabbage and roast dumpling

    € 17,80
Aus der Brod-Pfanna

simply delicious

  • Home-made mixed salad

    with herb vinaigrette, lettuce and regional and seasonal raw vegetables as well as brown bread croutons

    € 4,10
  • Portion of cabbage or potato salad

    € 3,20
  • "Brez´nknödel"

    on fine mushroom ragout with fresh herbs

    € 12,20
  • Homemade cheese cream noodles

    with butter onions and small salad

    € 12,80


Can we offer you something sweet?
You can order authentic Franconian treats from our daily menu or feel free to refer to our friendly staff who will gladly inform you about the available desserts.

Der Sinwellturm

For two People or more

  • The "Sinwellturm"

    named after the tallest tower of the Nuremberg Castle, the Sinwellturm offers a culinary trip trough the Franconian cuisine: with the Nuremberg specialties cheese-sausages and Bratwurst, chicken breast seared with Szechuan pepper, as well as sliced roast pork and marinated pot roast, served with homemade dumplings, sauerkraut and red cabbage, mushroom sauce, gingerbread and dark Kellerbier-sauce, mustard and horseradish

    € 22.90 /person
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